Get Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization By Accelerated Mobile Pages In Smartphones


Get Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization By Accelerated Mobile Pages In Smartphones

What is AMP?

Simply put, Accelerated Mobile Pages is a stripped-down version of the mobile web which runs on a reinvented version of the language used to create web pages: HTML. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project has launched, taking a huge stride towards Google’s stated goal of a “better, faster mobile internet.” The vast majority of web pages essentially documents, and don't really need the expressive power of Javascript. The reason these documents were using Javascript was to implement relatively simple things like adverts and slideshows. AMP deals with such use cases by providing standard components that allow a document to have such features without having to use Javascript. AMP helps to get Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization.

While some web developers might be upset about losing the freedom that Javascript gave, this is arguably inevitable. Over-use of Javascript had led to web pages that were impractically slow, and filled with overly intrusive ads that messed up the reading experience. We were already seeing a revolt against the mobile web, in the form of Facebook, hosted articles and ad blocking in iOS9.

Benefits of AMP:-
                 1. Faster loading page for mobile users
                 2. Improved search engine ranking
                 3. Increased visibility for Publishers
                 4. Support for Ads
                 5. AMP Visitor Analytics

Get Amped for AMP

With benefits like this, AMP seems like a no-brainer for sites looking to improve their mobile search performance.

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