How Google Algorithm Work For SEO Common Mistakes


How Google Algorithms Work:-

The Google’s algorithms are evolving all the time. Almost every day they tweak their hummingbird algorithms to filter out spammers. Also, they roll out some major update every year or two, which causes huge shifts in search engine rankings for about everyone on the web.

The result?

What works today may not work tomorrow. In fact, it might even hurt you.

That’s why it’s important to always keep up to date with the latest changes, updates and read articles that talk about this stuff.

Now, in my opinion, these are the top 3 points you need to pay attention to:

Buying links
This is never a good idea and it won’t help you rank better. Well, it might for a certain period of time. The problem is Google is always evolving. Even if they don’t catch you today, they are guaranteed to catch you at some point in the future. So, don’t buy (or sell) links. Period.

Joining link directories
Lat’s put it this way: Google looks at the web as one huge “neighborhood”. If your website is frequently mentioned by trusted, authority sites, then you belong to a “good neighborhood.” If all your links come from pages linking to thousands of junky sites, then obviously you’re part of a “bad neighborhood.”

Which one do you think link directories are?

Poorly set metadata
This is pretty obvious. Meta tags are the way your website communicates with search engines. They tell them what your site is about and what exactly your keywords are. If you don’t have them, Google  panda algorithm is not going to look at your website as a relevant source for what you’re trying to rank for.

One of the worst things yo can do for your SEO is to use spammy links to your website. When searching for links, it is likely that you will come across offers such as those which suggest you buy a lot of links from them. Unfortunately, these links are likely to be spam and will do a lot worse than good for your SEO.

If a website has a lot of links which are generated all at once and which are spammy, it is highly likely that Google will analyze the SEO campaign to be unnatural, and this may result in bad rankings and penalties, meaning that the website may even fail to rank at all.

Another big mistake in SEO is to stuff your content full of keywords. Not only does this negatively affect the user’s experience, who will quickly be frustrated by reading the keyword over and over again, but this is another ‘strategy’ which will do more bad than good for your campaign. Google robots will again analyze your campaign to be unnatural and forced, resulting in bad rankings. Not only that, but keyword density is a very minor part of an SEO campaign.

Whilst these are two of the most common mistakes in SEO, there are many more mistakes which are commonly made. Have a look at the most common mistakes in SEO for more information of what you should avoid in any SEO campaign.

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