On page seo guide for beginners of 2017

On-page SEO is the part of whole Search engine optimization. On page optimization is the combination of several techniques which is performed article of blog and website during we write like Meta tags, Title tags, Meta description, Heading tags, Internal and Outbound links, Image optimization, Responsiveness, Site speed etc. Now we understand by On-page SEO checklist 2017.

Meta tags

In on page SEO, Meta tags are used to inform your page detail to search engines. High ranking factor depends on meta tags, this tags should be shown the relevancy of your article. The custom option is available for Meta tags, you can customize your tags and make SEO friendly.

Title Tags

Title tags is another part of on page search engine optimization. This is most important, generally, users attract of your title if your title is attractive and SEO friendly then users will visit your page. Title should be keyword optimize. Your desire keyword should include one time in the title. With the help of title tag, you can get organic, direct and paid traffic on your page. The character limit of a title tag keep always 66 to 70 character.

Meta Description

The meta description shows that what users will get on the page. Every search engine read meta description and if your description is optimized then your blog comes on the first page of google.
Meta description can generate a competitive advantage in the search results if your description is well-written. seo optimize meta description creating a higher click through rate with a greater chance of conversions.
If you want to check that which page are missing a meta description, then Screaming Frog's SEO spider is best tool. It shows you every URL meta description and it's length.

Heading Tags

Your landing blog page or website should include heading tags, the heading tages are available from h1 down to a potential h6. H1 is the most important. You can use h1 tag only one time, left all tags you can use multiple times according to the requirement of blog because these all tags are use to denote subheadings.

Keyword Placing

The keyword of any blog is the backbone. we can not rank on search engines without the keyword. The keyword placing plays very important role in the article. Keep remembering your keyword comes in 100 to 150 words because google bot set your blog rank to check your first 100 to 150 words and last 100 words of the blog. So, try to put the keyword in this area. You can also use LSI keywords which are synonyms of your keyword and these LSI keywords you can find in google.


Your site or blog should be responsive, adays several devices are available like smartphones, tablet, laptop, and it's flavor like landscape and portrait respectively. To boost traffic on the site, responsiveness is very important.

Internal & External linking

Always link your site to another source, this linking are divided into two parts, one is Internal (Inbound) linking and secondly, is External (Outbound) linking. Those links are connected to other (outer) source then is it known as External (Outbound) linking, and those links are connected to own source then it is known as Internal (Inbound) linking. The ratio of outbound is 2-4 in every 1k words article, whereas, Inbound is 2-3 in every 1000 words post.

Optimize your site speed

Is your site's speed is well or not? Speed optimization is also part of on page SEO. How much time is taking when someone is open your site. If site speed is well then no dought you will rank but speed is not fast then nobody wants to come to your website. If you want to check site speed then put website URL on GTmatrix and optimize your site speed.

Image Optimization

When we write any blog then definitely we use multimedia in our blog post for example Images, Videos, Gif etc, then it also needs optimization. In other words, Image optimization is also necessary because google can also search your blog by images. If you use proper alt tags for images then your image will also rank on google image.

Use Modifiers

When you write well on page optimize article then it's title should be effective and SEO optimized. To make your title more effective you need to use modifiers. Modifiers are those words which can increase the interest of your blog. Best, Top, 2017, Guide, Review etc, this is modifiers.

Add Social buttons

Social media optimization is also required for the article. So, we can say always use social media buttons on our blog. There are several Social media platforms, share content on a Social site like Facebook, Twitter, Vk, Stumbleupon, Instagram etc.

Write long post

How your blog come on the first page? It is a big task, but did you see results of the first page on google? Check them you will find that top 10 posts are very long. It's words more than 2000 to 1000. So, always try to make a lengthy post. Because google likes a lengthy post.

Therefore, Above all factors are parts of On page SEO. If we follow all rules of on-page search engine optimization, nobody can stop you to come first on google and othere search engines.

Above we discussed  on:-

  • Meta tags
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Heading Tags
  • Keyword Placing
  • Responsiveness
  • Internal & External linking
  • Optimize your site speed
  • Image Optimization
  • Use Modifiers
  • Add Social buttons
  • Write long post

So, Today we discuss on page SEO which is the initial step of any SEO beginners. If you follow all rules of on page seo or search engine guide then it is very helpful. Google also like this activity of blog. But every part of the website is well written and well optimized.

Note Tip:-
               Always try to write fresh lenghty and fresh content because in early 2017 Google announced new Google algorithm is known as "Fred". This algo is specially focused on content quality, if your article is copied by other source then google will be panalaize your site.
So, always try to make unique, fast, long lasting, lengthy and interesting.

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